Spring Web Flow 2 Web Development

A few weeks ago I was contacted by packt publishing to review one of their books. They asked me if I wanted to review Spring Web Flow 2 Web Development (sample chapter).

In short the book consists of 254 pages in all those pages they try to explain Spring Web Flow, Maven, Ant+Ivy, Spring Security and some basics (and also not all basics) about the Spring Framework it self. Ofcourse not to mention all the normal stuff like title pages and indexes. All the explaining of the added frameworks takes away from the actual goal and that is to cover and explain Spring Web Flow. I also found that there is no real layering/build up in the book, they directly start with FlowExecutionListeners even before they covered the basics. Another draw back is the samples used, they don’t really use one sample (application) but different snippets which make it harded for a new Spring Web Flow user to get an overall feel. So the short verdict I wouldn’t say the book is bad but it could be a lot better, most of the information to be found in the book but it can be quite a search at times. If you are a Spring Web Flow beginner I would try to find other books covering the basics of Spring Web Flow.
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Migrate classic J2EE to Spring (Step 1)

A few months ago SpringSource released a white paper describing the migration from J2EE to a Spring framework based application. Even before they wrote that white paper I already had the idea of writing something about how to migrate from J2EE to a Spring based application. However Colin Sampaleanu (at al.) beat me to writing the white paper :).

However I also had the idea of providing some practical information like a sample. The white paper gives some thought on what to do and where but it doesn’t give a clear sample. So I started writing a possible migration path (multi step sample) from a J2EE application to a Spring based application.
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